Engineering comfort_

At Zahonero we design and manufacture technical foams solutions based on our own technology to offer maximum performance in each use.

Custom foams that demand comfort and sustainability_

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High performance technical foams for insoles and cushioned fabrics.
Designed to enhance the performance of Athletic, Dress, Casual, and Work shoes.

Foot Care

Insoles and orthotics developed from biomechanical studies of the foot.
Designed to prevent health problems, reduce foot pain and improve sport performance.

Sporting goods

Special featured foams and finished goods for sports apparel.
Designed to boost the performance of athletes, from yoga practitioners to football goal keepers.

Building acoustics

Soundproof polymer-based impact membranes and absorption panels.
Designed to absorb or insulate noise from floor, walls and ceilings in buildings.


Learn about the technologies of our foams, designed in our laboratory for each specific applications.

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Choose from our product lines of foam materials and insoles.
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