In the practice of yoga, a good rooting with the earth is essential, and the mat is our “nexus”

At Zahonero, we are aware of this and go further to produce mats made with the perfect balance between sustainable and high-performance materials.


A high adherence to the mat and from the mat to the ground is essential for a stable and safe practice.

Grip upper | GZ020 – SATRA TM 35
Grip bottom | GZ020 – SATRA TM 35


A good cushioning protects your wrists and joints during the practice. A proper thickness gives stability and security to the posture.

Resilience | GZ024 – ASTM D2632
Cushion Index | GZ027- IN HOUSE METHOD


The durability of the products is bounded to sustainability. To extend the life of the mat helps our planet by avoiding the excess of waste.

Compression-set | GZ010 – ASTM D 3574-03 TEST D (22h / 70 ° C / 50% comp)
Abrassion | GZ023 – ASTM D3389-94 MB (1000 cycles / Wheel CS 17 “Taber”)


In practices such as hot yoga, a good sweat absorption increases the grip and therefore the stability in the most demanding practices.

Absorption | UNE EN ISO 20344



2 mm


4 mm


6 mm

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