Engineering comfort_

At Zahonero, we develop and manufacture customized foams that offer optimal performance for any application by making use of our technology.

Highly demanding foams for comfort and sustainability_


High performance foams are used to make insoles and padded textiles for footwear. Made to maximize the performance of sports, dress, casual and work footwear.


Orthopedic components, insoles, and inserts developed from the biomechanical analysis of the foot, with the goals of enhancing athletic performance, preventing health issues, and reducing foot discomfort.

Sporting goods

Yoga mats, goalkeeper gloves, and protective technical foams are designed with superior qualities for professionals and athletes.

Building acoustics

Panels and sheets for sound absorption made of foam. Intended to isolate or absorb sound from a building’s ceiling, walls, and floors.


Learn about the technologies of our foams, developed in our laboratory for each use and application.

Partner brands_


Choose from our product lines of foam materials and insoles.