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Acoustic Insulation

At Zahonero, we specialize in the manufacturing of sound absorption and acoustic insulation sheets and panels.

Our products are made with materials specially designed to meet the soundproofing, insulation, sound absorption, and noise control requirements of the construction industry.

Designed for soundproofing, insulation, sound absorption and noise control in the construction industry_

Impact noise
dB Impact_

Latex foams made with the intention of reducing the amount of impact noise that is produced by things falling or walking on any surface.

By severing the impact surface from the structure, these elastic structures serve as an efficient insulator, preventing noise from reverberating into higher, lower, or nearby areas.

Airborne noise
dB Sonic_

Heavy membranes to prevent transmission of airborne noise between adjacent enclosures across a shared surface.

These mass-spring systems act effectively by minimizing both direct and sidewall transmission, thanks to their ability to decouple surfaces by providing elasticity and mass.

dB Comfort_

3D panels and forms that reduce enclosure reverberation, lowering noise levels and enhancing acoustic quality.

Open cell devices that let air flow into the material and convert the wave’s mechanical energy into thermal energy.

dB Balance_

Solutions that minimize the structure-borne noise generated by a vibrating source at a given frequency, thus shifting this frequency out of the audible range, whether it is bass or treble.

High damping coefficient elastic solutions to reduce undesired wave vibrations and alter the system’s resonance frequency.

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