Foams for goalkeeper gloves_



Our assortment of Gripping foams is specifically made to enhance the durability, grip, and shock absorption needed for goalkeeper gloves. We conduct performance tests on our foams to make sure they fulfill the requirements for professional use, including shock absorption and wet and dry grip.


Shock absorption

Increased shock absorption means more ball contact time with the palm, improved ball control, better grip and reduced impact on joints.

Wet grip

Enhances the ball’s ability to grip in damp situations. developed through the measurement of the wet static coefficient of friction, or grip.

Dry grip

It entails maximizing ball grip in arid climates. This is accomplished by measuring the grip, or static coefficient of friction, at room temperature and without the presence of humidity.


Prepared for wear and tear under heavy use because of their higher abrasion resistance.


Prevent sweat from condensing, allowing the skin to breathe.

Goalkeeper gloves

Meet the level of performance required for professional use and are designed in accordance with our own regulations adapted to international reference standards.

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