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dB Cover


dBCover is a leading manufacturer of high-performance materials to improve the acoustic environment in homes, buildings, offices and commercial spaces. Specializes in cutting-edge approaches to sound absorption, airborne noise, and impact sound insulation.


Low thickness and high performance

Enable greater noise reduction with reduced thickness

Fire behavior

Materials whose composition satisfies the strictest fire safety requirements without introducing any environmentally hazardous components.


Provides high long-term performance without detriment to its physical or chemical properties.


Production is carried out without emitting environmentally harmful components and its composition allows for easy recycling.

Sound absorbing panels

Uniquely designed recycled PET panels that lessen reverberation and enhance sound clarity in busy settings. Conference rooms, recording studios, businesses, dining establishments, and other settings are perfect for using them.

Impact sound insulation

Latex insulation pads for impact noise improvement. Highly effective, significantly reducing the transmission of noise generated by footsteps, furniture movements and other sources of impact.

Airborne sound insulation

Efficiently controls the transmission of unwanted noise between adjacent rooms or spaces.
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