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Our collection of orthopedic components, inserts, and shoe insoles, Walkintech, was developed using a biomechanical analysis of the foot. We make insoles with the intention of preventing health issues, reducing foot discomfort, and enhancing athletic performance. Our foam solutions serve to prolong the life of footwear and enhance the distribution of stresses and friction produced by walking.


Static comfort

Defined on the basis of static tests performed on the components of the insoles.

Dynamic comfort

Calculated on the basis of tests that measure comfort during use.

Thermal comfort

Based on metrics that assess the materials’ breathability.


Attests to the materials´ resilience in harsh circumstances.


Maximum comfort for high-impact foot areas made of any kind of material to be used with any kind of footwear..

Daily and sports footcare

Delays and lessens the appearance of illnesses that could develop from regular use of shoes or from practicing sports.

Footcare for medical conditions

By spreading pressure properly and enhancing body balance, you may maximize protection and avoid joint pain.
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Learn more about our foam technologies, designed in our laboratory for each specific use.