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At Zahonero, we provide high performance technical foams for the production of insoles and cushioned fabrics for footwear.

We use the results of biomechanical experiments conducted in our laboratory to develop our own technologies.

Creativity and quality at every turn.

Designed to optimize the performance of athletic, dress, casual and work footwear_

Technical and sustainable foams Rolling_

High-performance, and technically sound foams for the production of shoe components.

They come in rolls or sheets and offer the best comfort for all kinds of footwear by covering the whole performance spectrum.

Technical insoles Walkintech_

Orthopedic components and inserts, such as shoe insoles, are the outcome of a biomechanical analysis of the footprint and are intended to avoid health issues, lessen foot pain, and enhance athletic performance.

Our foam solutions help to improve the distribution of forces and friction generated by walking and extend the life of footwear.

foam fabrics Breathaprene_

Revolutionary foam fabric solution for applications requiring high breathability and elasticity.

Breathable material that functions as a second skin, assisting the body in controlling its own temperature and reducing sweat retention.

Zahonero Technologies_

Learn more about our foam technologies, designed in our laboratory for each specific use.