Acoustic comfort is increasingly demanded for everyday activities: whether at home or at work, people seek pleasant and noise-free surroundings. Environments with poor acoustic qualities increase discomfort levels and have a negative impact on quality of life.

Our experience working with renowned partners in the construction industry and tests carried out with leading international acoustic institutes have granted us a profound understanding of the insulation needs of spaces. Because of Thanks to this knowledge, we are able to develop durable products that provide constructors and engineers with acoustical solutions that help them achieve soundproofed and insulated places while being friendly with the environment which have the added advantage of being environmentally-friendly.



Acoustical solutions based on polymers with extremely efficient sound-deadening properties. They have highly elastic and shock absorbing capacities that enable construction elements to be disconnected and the transmission of sound to be reduced. In addition, they possess elements that allow soundwave energy to be absorbed and transformed into heat.

Technologies operating in this market Airfit Starfit Cellfit Everfit Gelfit