Sporting goods

The sporting goods industry is constantly seeking innovations to meet the demands of athletes striving for improvement. Sports clothing and accessories have to meet where factors such as grip, shock absorption and breathability are key requisites.

Our technical knowledge of materials with maximum adherence and breathability, together with our collaborations with leading high-performance mat and glove companies, have provided us with first-hand knowledge of the market. In order to be competitive, reinvention and product improvement is essential; so, offering reliable, avant-garde technological solutions that suit our customers’ and athletes’ demands is our main goal.

We offer the following product lines within this market:


Highly anti-skid, resistant and breathable technical foams, designed to provide excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces and to maintain their elastic properties. These innovative solutions have superior abrasion resistance, extending the product’s life cycle. Ideal for goalkeeper gloves, rackets and bicycle grips, and mats.


High performance open-cell natural rubber combinable with multiple fabrics. Revolutionary solution for applications requiring highly breathability and high elastic features. This range comprises products that derive from renewable sources as well as products that incorporate recycled materials, meaning a high overall degree of sustainability.

Technologies operating in this market Airfit Starfit