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At Zahonero, we firmly believe that the keys to forging new routes and advancing toward our long-term objectives are innovation and passion. These are a few of our innovations that came about as a consequence of research done in our own facilities.

Creativity and passion as the key to innovation_

Standardization, traceability and transparency_

We provide the customer with control and information about each material through a QR, where he can see the following information: item properties, lot number and traceability details, sustainable seals, and certifications of the origin of the raw materials.

QR is scanned
Data are checked

Naked 360 insole​

A single material. Total circularity.

The naked 360 insole surpassed the competition after 160 km of running, according to test results, while the original insoles lost performance. The naked 360 insole met and exceeded the competition’s thermal and dynamic properties. And best of all, since it is made of a single material, it is 100% recyclable, keeping its qualities practically intact.
better compression than the original
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better heel cushioning
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more propulsion in the forefoot
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more water absorption at 100%
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Insoles customization automation

Our automation line in Spain reduces CO2 and transportation costs. In addition, it allows greater versatility and adaptation at a competitive cost.


We have been producing high-performance, environmentally friendly technical foams for sporting goods, footwear, footcare, and building acoustics for more than 50 years.

Comfort certified in ourLABORATORY

At Zahonero, we rely on our own laboratories to test all of our materials and products and ensure that they meet the necessary standards for quality and the most recent laws.

About our work, OUR PROCESS

Since we produce specialized foams for a variety of markets, we are able to suggest novel concepts and cutting-edge innovations.

Furthermore, we carry out testing to verify your product and guarantee optimal production efficiency.