Market solutions


An in-depth understanding of the performance ranges of all our materials allows us to develop solutions with the relevant properties required for each application. We understand the complexity of the behavior of our solutions; this allows us to achieve maximum performance and facilitate their incorporation in the manufacturing process.


Through collaboration with leading partners such as innovation laboratories, institutes and clients, and through joint research and solution development, we have been able to develop solutions perfectly adapted to our partners’ requirements.

Technological VersatilityVersatilidad tecnológica

At Zahonero, we combine the learnings obtained from the different industries which we support in order to constantly improve our offering. Our facilities and systems let us produce solutions with the most suitable technologies to fulfil all our clients’ expectations. Advanced QA processes enable us to continuously design better products.

Global PresencePesencia global

In addition, our global presence keeps us closer to key production areas and allows us to provide competitive prices that respect our partners’ local and international needs.