About our company

Engineering Comfort since 1965

Zahonero is an international company that designs, engineers and provides advanced foam solutions for a wide range of technical applications.

Since the opening of our headquarters in Spain in 1965, we have grown steadily, and now operate across Europe, America and Asia. We are dedicated to harnessing technology in order to provide advanced materials and solutions that not only answer, but also anticipate, our clients’ needs.

All of our products are committed to providing the highest standards where comfort is essential.


Despite our international presence, we have remained true to our family business values. Integrity, focus, and customer-driven R&D have made us a highly efficient and committed organization.


We understand the need to protect the planet, thus, we are compromised in the development of industrial materials that minimize waste and toxic emissions, while maximizing efficiency in processes and recycling.


We constantly reinvent technology to stay competitive in a changing market; our headquarters are specially designed to support all the researches that our professionals undertake in order to be on top of future business opportunities.

Global ThinkingGlobal Thinking

The great experience providing tailored solutions around the globe has granted us with the knowledge to understand the different needs in various geographic markets.


As international suppliers, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with top manufacturers in different markets, providing them with personalized solutions, from insoles for the footwear market to soundproofing solutions for the building industry.

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